YouTube™ Dual Subtitle 3.6.0 Update Instructions

ouweiyaPublished on December 16, 2021

Repair statement merge 🎉🎊🌈

In the previous version, in order to follow the behavior of YouTube itself, there was no merging of sentences.

This results in intermittent sentences when playing the video, and downloading subtitles can also cause confusion in the timeline.

In version 3.6.0, this problem has been fixed and more details have been optimized.

Removed the extra spaces in the merge statement.

00:00:03,678 --> 00:00:05,960
means that many aspects  of our lives
意味着 我们生活的许多方面

00:00:05,960 --> 00:00:08,214are regulated  by a weird entity.

00:00:09,050 --> 00:00:13,453It feels like a huge bureaucracy is making decisions over our heads.
感觉就像一个巨大的官僚机构 正在我们的头脑中做出决定。

Deleted the blank timeline for downloading subtitles.

00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:00,500

00:00:00,500 --> 00:00:03,090
PETE LEPAGE: You can now upload extensions using Manifest
PETE LEPAGE: 您现在可以 使用 Manifest V3 将扩展程序上传

00:00:03,090 --> 00:00:05,100
V3 to the Chrome Web Store.
到 Chrome 网上应用店。

Dual subtitles give priority to video subtitles

Machine translation was always used for bilingual subtitles in the past, and now the existing subtitles of the video will be used first, and if not, machine translation will be used.

If the bilingual video has subtitles, the optimization logo will be displayed.

Downloading subtitles will also have the same optimization, with a check mark in the middle of the file name.

The logo means: The current bilingual subtitles use the existing subtitles of the video, not machine translation.
Tip: The prerequisite for this optimization is that the two subtitles must match exactly.learn more

Turn off custom styles

In this version, you can turn off the custom style option, and you can set the subtitle order and spacing separately.


The order of downloading subtitles is consistent with the display order

00:00:00,500 --> 00:00:03,090
When I open it up.当我打开它时。
2 00:00:03,090 --> 00:00:05,100
Decide what to do next.决定下一步做什么。

Font stroke

The font stroke is newly added, the font is set to white, the background is transparent, and this effect can be achieved.

The color of the stroke can be adjusted, and the bilingual can be set to different colors to show distinction.


Responsive font size

The font size will vary with the screen size, and it also supports mini windows, preview windows and full screens.


Subtitle position

The YouTube subtitles can be dragged. If they cannot be dragged, it may be affected by other extensions.


At present, this extension (Burning Vocabulary: Word Learning Companion) is compatible, which will cause conflicts before.


It can be used normally now, but the subtitle drag function is still broken.


If there are other extensions that cause conflicts, you can give me feedback and I will try my best to be compatible.

You can leave a message or send an email under the YouTube

Right click on the extension icon, there are upgrade instructions and YouTube channel.


Other optimizations

Fix the wrong position of the subtitle button