YouTube™ Dual Caption 3.6.3 Update Instructions

ouweiyaPosted on April 3, 2022

Video quality lock

Due to conflicts with some plug-ins that lock video quality, this is now a built-in function, and it will be automatically locked when adjusting video quality.


Subtitle status locked

Auto-generated subtitles often fail to automatically turn on subtitles, and will now be automatically locked, always on or off.


Subtitle position lock

Previously when dragging the subtitle position, refreshing the page would restore the default position, now the subtitle position can be maintained.


Subtitle text copy

The subtitle text copy function was implemented in the last version, but sometimes the function is not available, this bug is now fixed.


Autoplay lock

Autoplay is always on when the browser clears the cache, and can now be locked automatically, always on or off.


Remove update popup

In the past, when the extension was upgraded or installed, the update log would pop up, which was too annoying. Now it is replaced by a quieter method.


remove annotations

No extra coding is required for this feature, it just needs to be set up correctly.


Contact information

Right click on the extension icon and there are upgrade instructions and a YouTube channel.